Facebook has altered the nature of online gaming. Many people, (like myself) have been quick to be dismissive of games, as time wasting, silly, pointless etc. Playing games on Facebook, however, has become another way of people connecting with one another Some Facebook users prefer to interact with their friends, family etc., primarily via playing games.

The tagging that Facebook allows makes for your circle who enjoy certain games to increase more and more.

Some of the most popular games on Facebook, have compatibility issues depending the platform you use to play them.. For the iPad and iPhone, playing via the browser is often not possible. However, the most popular games have Apps that you can download and so play the games on your both แทงบอลออนไลน์ your iPad or iPhone.

Compatibility problems in the past deterred people from downloading these Apps but for the most part the former compatibility issues have been fixed. All you have to do is download the App extract it, synchronize it and run it.

The Biggest Hits

A few of the most popular Games are:


Though not strictly a Facebook game, this game reached new heights after Facebook released it on its site. The App is available on both iPad and iPhone and has become a smash hit for their users.

Another two games that are great for Apple specific users are: Crazy Taxiand Fruit Ninja.

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