Maradona, we have all seen him play around with the football. Many have seen the video compilation of him warming up to the soundtrack “Life is life”. He was amazing and he was outstanding when it came to technique. Many people still think he is the number one footballer in all times. Edgar Davids was one of the first football pros who were doing so called “around the world” tricks on Tv ads. He did things noเว็บแทงบอลone had ever seen before, then we have Ronaldinho… do I need to say more? we have seen a lot of his TV ads where he is performing crazy tricks.

This is just a couple of the pros we have seen on Tv performing crazy juggling skills. Many people think they are the best at juggling. But I will tell you something that some of you won’t believe, they are far from the best at doing juggling tricks!!! They are the best in the world at football, but not at juggling. There is a group of people called “football freestylers” who have dedicated their lives to football freestyle(football juggling tricks). They practice every day for hours at different tricks. They practice tricks with their feet, their upper body, sitting down and even lying down.

Football Freestyle and football are two completely different sports, just because you’re a good freestyler it doesn’t mean you’re a good footballer and vice versa. Just because you’re a good figure skater and can do amazing tricks with so much control on the skates, it doesn’t mean you’re a good hockey player, you get my point?

Of course there are some freestylers who are also good footballer, and some footballers who are decent freestylers. But the difference is huge! Just to give you a little idea of what a freestyler can do with the football I would recommend

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